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Gardian - Caochangdi Photospring - review


As part of Arles in Beijing, the founder of the French website, Didier de Faÿs, and his team gave 24 young Chinese photographers 24 hours to photograph whatever interested them. Selected shots were posted on the site. This experiment in "neo-media", which enables a photographer's work to be posted very quickly, was first used last October for the Nuit Blanche Parisienne and the Hanoi Millennium. The Beijing version started with a day with Cheng Gong, who usually specialises in official sporting events. For a change he trailed Ling Yi – a heavy-metal combo with Tibetan and voodoo influences – from the time they got up to the end of that night's gig. Most of the young artists concentrated on the city's changing face. In his Past and Present series Zhang Bing used mirrors to fragment the urban scene. Yuan Yangyang, who is studying in Britain, felt she had lost touch with Beijing. The neighbourhood where she lived as a child has been demolished. She wanted to show Beijing people in a park decorated with replicas of famous international monuments. "Nowadays there is so much demolition and rebuilding in China it inevitably becomes a dominant theme for photographers. It's instinctive, we react to what's going on," Rong says., un événement photographique en direct de Pékin


24 photographes chinois ayant 24 heures pour photographier la ville de Pékin : c'est ce que propose ce samedi l'expérience médiatique, qui ouvre la deuxième édition du festival de photographie Les Rencontres d'Arles à Pékin. Dès 16 heures ce samedi (heure de Chine), vous pourrez suivre en temps réel la publication des photos sur le site, ainsi que sur le lieu du festival à Pékin, et à Paris, à la Maison de la Chine de 19h à 20h30, 76 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.

Pékin en 24 heures, par 24 photographes chinois


4 photographes chinois ayant 24 heures pour photographier la ville de Pékin : c'est ce que propose dès aujourd'hui l'expérience médiatique, qui ouvre la deuxième édition du festival de photographie d'Arles à Pékin. Trois questions à Didier de Faÿs, Directeur de la publication de - Pouvez vous présenter le projet - Qui sont les photographes participants? - Selon vous, quelle place tient la photographie en Chine?

24 heures, 24 photographes à Beijing


Après la Nuit Blanche à Paris et le Millénaire à Hanoi, 24 photographes Chinois réaliseront pendant 24 heures des reportages à Beijing, retransmis en direct sur le site Ce projet, sous la direction artistique d'Alain Jullien, permettra de découvrir des images de photographes venus d'un peu partout en Chine. 24h Beijing est réalisé dans le cadre de Caochangdi Photo Spring / Les Rencontres d'Arles à Pékin.

L'atelier ambulant d'Anik K.

22/04/11 Qu’est ce que c’est ? 24h, 24 photographes et une ville, Beijing. Le concept est connu, lors du dernier millénaire à Hanoi, 12 photographes s’étaient réunis pour 24h de photographie. La seconde édition plus médiatisé, s’est effectuée en octobre dernier, lors de "La Nuit Blanche" à Paris qui réunissait 24 photographes. Cette 3eme édition du concept 24h. met en avant le travail des professionnels en privilégiant la communication liée au web et aux nouvelles technologies. Samedi 23 avril à partir de 19h. [heure de Paris] vous pourrez vivre en direct pendant 24h. sur l’interface web dédié l’évolution des photographes au fur et à mesure de leur parcours dans la cité. Visionnez le site ICI pour voir les photos des précédentes éditions, de belles surprises en perspective vous y attendent !

The count down to 24h Beijing has begun...


In early October last year, the first in a new series of events titled 24h began. Founded by Didier de Faÿs, Nuit Blanche saw 24 photographers come together with the sole purpose of documenting Paris in one brief 24 hour period, with the resulting images being disseminated live via internet. Just eight days later, the second 24h event, Millennium, was organised in Hanoi with 14 of the brightest lights in Vietnamese photography participating. Now, it is the turn of Beijing to undertake this exciting visual experience, which will mark the opening of the Caochangdi Photo Spring festival, which was founded in 2010 by Thinking Hands and the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. 24h Beijing will commence on 23 April 2011, and will see 24 of the countries most exciting photographers explore and document the Chinese capital, with their work, like the previous events being posted live online, and at various exhibition spaces around the city. ‘A new generation of photographers is emerging in China, without being linked to the history of the country. These photographers represent another reality, that affects all of us,’ says de Faÿs, ‘The outreach of their point of view is that of the new millennium. They are young and they want to tell new stories, stories of a new world.’ This new generation of photographer includes, Jiang Yiming, Ning Zhouhao, Fan Lei, Mo Yi, Liu Lijie, Song Chao, and Zhang Xiao, all of whom have been selected by artistic director Alain Julien, to participate in 24h Beijing.

Ventiquattr’ore a Pechino


In occasione dell’apertura del festival Caochangdi PhotoSpring / Les Rencontres d’Arles a Pechino, 24 fotografi cinesi realizzeranno per 24 ore dei reportage nella città, che saranno pubblicati in tempo reale sul sito L’appuntamento è il 23 aprile 2011 alle 18.00 (ora di Pechino)., en direct sur France 3